Fire Protection for Electric Vehicles in Car Parks

Based on the research results from the SUVEREN project and the findings from the third series of fire tests, recommendations for fire protection for electric vehicles in parking garages were derived.

In Germany, fire protection in underground and parking garages for all vehicle types is regulated by guidelines for garages (GarVO) of the federal states. However, these do not yet address the characteristics of fires involving electric vehicles. The aim of the work in the research project was, among other things, to review the applicable regulations in view of the changed risks of fires involving modern vehicles and, if necessary, to propose adjustments. The influence of both the traction battery and the vehicle itself was examined, as this represents the essential part of the fire load in a vehicle fire.

The proposed changes concern in particular an update of the design parameters, which is necessary due to the higher fire load of modern vehicles. The separate protection of charging areas for electric vehicles is also a necessary innovation. Based on this, the so-called performance-based verification is also recommended. The design of fire detection as well as stationary fire fighting should be carried out on the basis of true-to-scale fire tests and with regard to the protection goals to be achieved.

In the Fire Protection Guideline for Car Parks you will find further information as well as concrete advice on the fire protection equipment of underground and parking garages. The underlying true-to-scale fire tests were accompanied by the TÜV and evaluated as successful.

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