Fire Protection for Stationary Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

In May 2022, FOGTEC conducted full-scale fire tests on fire protection for stationary energy storage systems (ESS) together with the Institute for Applied Fire Protection Research (IFAB) GmbH. The test set-up was based on a real application and used a 20′ overseas container.

For the protection of stationary energy storage systems, water-based and gaseous suppression agents were compared during the tests. Furthermore, different fire detection systems were tested based on different fire characteristics: smoke, temperature and specific gases.

The fire load consisted of lithium-ion batteries with prismatic cells. In this case, the ignited modules had an energy content representative of energy storage systems. In order to be able to evaluate the fire spread, target fire loads were located in the surrounding slide-in units. The remaining slide-in units were equipped with empty housings.

In addition, further data was measured for the subsequent evaluation of the tests. This primarily included temperature measurements at critical positions in order to be able to draw conclusions about the fire spread. The emitted gases were also monitored using a Fourier-transform infrared spectrometer (FTIR). Optical and infrared cameras were also used.

A fire test in which high-pressure water mist was used was accompanied by the TÜV and evaluated as successful. Based on the findings, a white paper with information and recommendations on fire protection for stationary energy storage facilities was developed. The document is now available for download.

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