Contribution at NFSD 2019 and ISTSS 2020

On August 20th and 21st 2019, the Nordic Fire & Safety Days (NFSD) 2019 take place at the Technical University of Denmark. This conference is organized by RISE Sweden in cooperation with various educational and research institutions of the Nordic Countries. SUVEREN contributes a presentation on “Fire Safety in Car Parks using Performance-based Design” and will explain this approach in contrast to the regulatory design of underground facilities.

SUVEREN will also give a lecture at the International Symposium on Tunnel Safety and Security (ISTSS) 2020. That year, the event takes place from March 11th to 13th in Munich, Germany. The symposium offers a platform for the exchange between experts of diverse disciplines dealing with requirements of underground or confined infrastructure. The SUVEREN contribution will give answers to the question “How Electric Vehicles Change the Fire Safety Design in Underground Structures”.

Fire Tests Completed Successfully

Last week, the second part of the SUVEREN fire test series regarding NEC was finished. With this, an important milestone was accomplished.

Overall, six tests with traction batteries, with and without firefighting, two tests with a wooden design fire load, and four test with a CNG gas flame, also with and without firefighting, were conducted. The test series has proceeded to the consortium’s full satisfaction. Within the testing environment, the thermal runaway of the tested lithium ion batteries could be suppressed by high-pressure water mist. Next weeks will now focus on the evaluation of the gathered test results.